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Inquiry Reflection



I have just completed my pre-internship an have so much to reflect upon. As I entered the school, my plan was attempt all of the strategies. Here is a summary of the strategies that worked well, and the strategies that did not.

  1. Getting Students to Refocus: This was one of the strategies that was tough to attempt because my classes were so quiet. Whenever my students were having group talks or completing group work, all I had to do was raise my hand up and say “okay grade twelves, eyes and ears up here please”. Perhaps if this was a younger grade, it would be a different story.

The one strategy I was excited to try was the time bomb. However, when I tried it the students all starting laughing at how the sound had startled them. This meant I lost even more time trying to get them to settle down again. This strategy could be useful but only for specific moments.

2. Handing In/Out Assignments: The best strategy I used for handing in assignments was getting them to place anything to hand-in into a drawer. That way I wasn’t responsible for collecting or misplacing anything. Immediately after class was over, I went through and checked off the names of everyone who handed assignments in so I was aware who would receive a NHI.

Since. my class was a connected education classroom, almost everything was distributed electronically. Therefore, I did not have to deal with much paper and did not get a chance to try all of these techniques.

3. Managing Movement/Classroom Set-up: 

Upon entering the classroom I was in, there were procedures already put into place when it came to managing movement and classroom set-up. This meant that as the intern, I learned these procedures right away and continued to implement them. For example, if students wanted to move to work in the hallway, it was my responsibility to choose specific groups who I knew would remain on task.

Main Takeaway: Classroom management will vary depending on the students you have in front of you. What strategies work in some classes, my completely fail in another. Get to know your students and attempt management techniques from there.


Inquiry Learning

As a preservice teacher, I had many concerns around classroom management. This blog will explore the most effective classroom procedures that one can use in a secondary English classroom.

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