The Finale: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

For the final week of cooking for my learning project, I had one thing left to accomplish… I wanted to pool together all the skills and confidence I have gained with cooking to make my family a turkey dinner (the turkey was too frozen so I ended up making a whole chicken… basically the same thing). I decided to make roast chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, corn, and carrots. Here is how it went:

The first step was to get the chickens in the oven. I washed them, spiced them, placed them in a roaster, and stuck them in the oven at 375F for one hour. About half an hour in, I pulled the chickens out to baste them to keep the moisture. I was actually surprised how easy this was and it ended up being delicious!

The second thing was the mashed potatoes. This is something I have always witnessed being made, but never actually did for myself. I am happy to say that successfully changed today. Easy and delicious.

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One challenge I experienced with a meal like this is that it is soooooooooo busy. I had the chicken in the oven and four things cooking on the stove top all at once. Sometimes I felt like there was a million things on the go and was just trying not to burn things (don’t worry I didn’t). However, I think the more comfortable I get with something like this, the easier it will be.

Overall, I surprised myself with this meal. Everything ended up being delicious and was a lot easier then I thought it was going to be. Also, I now feel equipped to host family holidays! Yay learning project!!

Here was the final product:

Chicken Final Product



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