The End of a Project…

Well, my learning project has finally come to an end! When I first started this project, I was super excited because becoming a better cook has been a goal of mine for a long time. However, I was somewhat nervous to proceed with this project idea because I also hate cooking… BUT don’t worry! This project has taught me to love cooking and I don’t completely dread it now. Here were some of the highlights from the project:

  1. It expanded my food horizons! Like I mentioned in my first post, I couldn’t cook much besides rice and frozen pizzas. Now, not only am I capable of cooking more elaborate meals, my overall health around eating has also improved. Over the course of this semester I cooked homemade muffins, spaghetti squash, stir-fry, chicken parmesan, steak dinner, chocolate covered strawberries, chia pudding, and chicken dinner.  Cooking all these recipes definitely help me gain confidence with cooking and I now feel equipped to continue trying new recipes and developing my skill.

    2. I gained recipe resources! It is truly amazing how much is available to you online. I found a tremendous amount of websites, especially blogs, with so many different kinds of recipes that I have saved. Some of my favourites were Food52, Gimme Some Oven, Love and Lemons, and Naked Face Nutrition (a local blog). There are so many recipes on these blogs that have become my new favourites. I also found that if a recipe was over going wrong, there was always a solution online to get you through. Finding the best resources has made all the difference!

    3. I learnt new tech tools! To document my process throughout my learning project, I tried a variety of tools. I tried vlogging which taught my how to use iMovie, cut and edit footage, and get it onto YouTube. I also learnt how to create time-lapse videos; all skills that I did not know how to do before this project that I am excited to add to my tool box.

In my very first learning project post, I created an ultimate goal:

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 1.04.07 AM

Reflecting back, I believe I reached this goal! I started off with the simple things and expanded my horizons. There were some struggles along the way, but only struggles that helped me improve. Thank you for following along!


1 thought on “The End of a Project…

  1. I absolutely love to cook, so your posts were especially fun for me to follow along with! You have learned so many valuable skills this term and have accomplished so much! Your blog posts were interactive and informative and your food looked amazing. Great work!


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