Hour of Code: The Grinch

This week, I used Hour of Code for the first time to create a game about The Grinch. The game started out with simple coding, then proceeding to get more challenging as the lessons progressed. Overall, I found the coding fairly easy to figure out. If anything, I struggled actually trying to play the game more than creating it (apparently I have slow reactions with computer games).

As fun as it was, I don’t think this is something I would use. I personally did not see a whole lot of value in something like this and would have benefitted more from coding a website or decipher the coding that exists within my blogs. However, I could see if you wanted to teach students coding, this could be a good introduction activity. As a ELA major, this is something that I don’t think I could find a place to fit into the curriculum and not sure if I would get my students to use it.

Check out the video to see how it went!


1 thought on “Hour of Code: The Grinch

  1. I found it to be quite easy as well. I have the same opinion as you, I am not sure how this could be fit into a curriculum, but we never know. Maybe trying different ones can peak your interest more and you can find one that can be beneficial to your students and one you can implement into your classroom.


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