Twitter Chat: #COLchat

Tonight, I participated in my first ever twitter chat! I was quite nervous heading into it, but now that I have done it… WOW! It was so enjoyable talking about passion areas with other educators on an international level. There are so many different view points and takeaways and I can’t wait for the next one. Here is how the chat went and some of the discussions: Before the chat began, I used tweet deck to set it all up. The first column I added was #COLchat which led me to the two hosts: Frank Bellomo and Walter Kozlowski. Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 8.54.18 PM

The hosts then posted six questions over the course of a half hour and the chat began. Once the chat started rolling, I found the process was fairly easy. They posted all the questions far enough apart that you were able to answer and reply to others before the next question was posted. The hosts were very friendly and were constantly responding and interacting with everyone who participated. The content was all about inputs and how they are used. Here was some of the dialogue: 




There was also a heavy appearance of #EDTC300 and University of Regina members! 

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 8.55.01 PM

As great as the process was, I did run into some problems…

Throughout the chat, my tweet deck would not update on its own. This meant that I constantly had to refresh the page for new answers to load. Not a huge deal, but definitely a bit of an inconvenience; especially when you are on a roll! Then when I clicked reply, my tweet deck would freeze. I would have to exit out of my webpage all together when this happened and go back in. When I got back into the page, the tweet I wanted to reply to would be way down the list and harder to find. I am not sure if that was a faulty wifi issue on my end? If you have any suggestions for these errors, please let me know! 

Overall, the process was a great experience. I can definitely see how twitter chats are beneficial. Just from participating one, I networked and interacted with people I would never have otherwise. I now have at least ten new educators following my twitter profile and in turn, I am following them, bringing in new material to my attention. It is also so beneficial to hear other perspectives on topics. The education world is massive and stretches far beyond Saskatchewan. Twitter chats are a great way to take the knowledge and perspectives from places all over Canada, United States, and beyond and add it to your own professional development. 


3 thoughts on “Twitter Chat: #COLchat

  1. Hey Courtney. I’m glad you enjoyed your experience. It is definitely something you have to practice and get used to! I love how your blog post gives us (the readers) a very clear image of how this chat worked and the pictures of the questions/answers you provided are awesome! Now I know what kind of topics that chats cover! Thanks for sharing.


  2. That’s awesome that you had a good experience on your your twitter chat! Also, nice job adding screenshots to your blog, it really helps bring it to life! For next time, it’s very helpful to your readers if you could also hyperlink the chat name in your text so that they are free to explore in that regard!


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