Crazy for Feedly

If you have never used Feedly before, click here and go check it out. Before EDTC 300, this is a resource I have never even heard of and all I can say is wow, I am happy I have it in my life now. The site is filled with useful and relevant resources to specific topics you are interested in. You can create your own categories to suit your interests and save pages accordingly. My home page on Feedly looks something like this:

The three categories I chose to organize my resources into where education (meant for general education information), ELA (my passion area), and learning project (for all of my cooking resources for EDTC 300). After creating these categories, I began exploring and followed multiple resources by checking the amount of followers they had, the amount of times they post per week, and if it consisted of topics/articles that peaked my interest. After exploring, here were some of my favourite blogs I found:

Cult of Pedagogy. This blog discusses many topics that are relevant in todays education world. BONUS: This blog is also a podcast! Podcasts are something I always listen to whenever I am getting ready, making supper, or driving so its extremely efficient that I can still get the content of this awesome blog by simply listening to the podcasts instead of having to sit down and read. The latest blog I read/listened to on this site was “Six Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2019”. From this article alone I already learnt so many things. I can’t wait to continue reading this blog/listening to the podcasts!

The Daring English Teacher.  This blog is designed for specifically for English teachers and has many blog posts that discuss many different aspects of the English classroom. In my opinion, it sparked new ideas and examples that I would love to bring into my classroom. For example, one blog post discusses the importance of students editing their work. This is something I am always trying to implement in my classroom in new ways and reading this helped spark some new inspiration.

Gimme Some Oven. This is a blog that I decided to following for my EDTC 300 learning project of cooking and baking. This blog is filled with such a variety of healthy, delicious food to make. They have everything from banana muffins to homemade soups to pad thai and much more. They post three articles a week so you are constantly accessing fresh and exciting material. Each recipe posted comes with clear instructions and a list of ingredients to make this process of preparing and cooking the easiest as possible.


3 thoughts on “Crazy for Feedly

  1. Feedly is a pretty cool resource! It’s good to see that you have a few favourites that even offer more than one form of media. It’s also smart that you have a section that’s devoted to your learning project! I never thought of doing that when I was in EDTC 300.

    Nice work, Courtney!


  2. Feedly blew my mind when Katia first showed it to me in her EDTC 300 class. It’s great that you’re using it for your learning project, something that is outside of the academic circle! You should try expanding more outside of materials for EDTC 300 materials!


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