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mountainMy name is Courtney Anderson and I am a secondary education student. Even though
my days are often spend studying and doing homework, I do have many other passions. I have been a dance instructor for the last six years. When I am not teaching, I volunteer coach community dance teams. I coached the Winston Knoll dance team fo
r five years, the University of Regina dance team for two, and now I am currently coaching the Campbell jazz team. In my spare time I love escaping to the quiet of my cabin, spending time with family, exploring, and getting active. Throughout my education career I have completed a bit of blogging, but not consistently. However, I am very excited to give it a try and dive into the blogger life.

During my internship, I tried to incorporate technology in a variety of different ways. However, access to laptops was always very limited unless you book a minimum of two weeks in advance. This made things a bit harder and we often had to resort to cell phones; but nevertheless we used technology the best we could. Here were some of my favourites: 

Weebly. One of the outcomes in the ELA A10 curriculum is to write a review. For my class, instead of writing it in a typical essay format, we created a movie review website using weebly. The students loved it and got very creative!

Instagram. Students are always on Instagram. So I figured, since they are on it consistently anyways, why not use it for educational purposes? I incorporated this into a ELA B30 class while studying Hamlet. Each student took on the persona of a character and posted daily updates based off of events that happened in the play.

Twitter. This a tool I used to keep parents and students engaged in what was happening in the classroom. I would post pictures of lessons and certain assignments we were completing.

Flipgrid. This is a great tool to get a verbal responseS from students without having to conduct class presentations. The students simply record themselves saying their responses to a topic and submit them to the Flipgrid classroom and assignment. The teacher has an option to make these videos public which is great for students to comment on classmates responses and start a discussion.

Mentimeter. Need an idea for lesson sets? Go check out menti. The teacher posts a question and the students respond by typing the code and answers into their devices. The answers then come up in your choice of word cloud, list, etc. The posts are anonymous, but it does have a profanity filter in all languages to avoid any disruptions!

Google Classroom. As an entire school we had access to google classroom, but that doesn’t mean everyone used it. However, I LOVED google classroom. I could post material, assignments, and announcements so students always had access and instructions to everything we did in class. I also added some parents to our classroom as well so they were aware what their child was up to and could also be engaged.

These we just a few platforms I used in my classroom and I am very excited to add to my repertoire. I’d love to know, what are some of your favourite technology platforms to use in the classroom?


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