The Plan: Learning to Cook

What is one basic skill that everyone should know? Cooking. I believe that this is an essential skill to live a healthy life. Therefore, for this particular project, I have decided to teach myself the skill of cooking.

I know what you are probably thinking… If cooking is a basic skill, why are you teaching yourself how to do it? Well, truth be told, I am not exactly talented when it comes to cooking. Sure I can make the basic, easy recipes like 10-minute rice and pre-made pizzas; but one can only live off of rice and pizza for so long. So here is the plan: 

  • I am going to start with basic dishes such as chicken and broccoli, pasta, bacon and eggs, etc. 
  • I will work my way up to elaborate meals throughout the semester. These are meals such as buffalo chicken pasta, pad thai, turkey dinner, stuffed chicken, skillets, etc. 
  • I will use online resources for recipes, guides, and advice to increase my cooking skills. 

ULTIMATE GOAL: By the end of this project, I will be able to cook elaborate and healthy dinners (that actually taste good) without hesitation. I will have built a library of recipes and resources to continue my skill moving forward. 


4 thoughts on “The Plan: Learning to Cook

  1. I personally love cooking but I have two problems with it. One, I am too lazy to cook for myself and two, the few recipes I do think up I forget after so if I do end up cooking something I forget how to make it again! Cooking for yourself also saves a lot of money, especially if you are living alone. I can’t wait to see what kinds of food you make!


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